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in person
in Madrid

The Convention for licenced, professional Tourist Guides

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Recording of the public sessions

Welcome + Educational Day

Monday 07th February

11:00 am - 2:00 am

Bidding Country Presentations

Monday 07th February

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Closing Dinner

Thursday 10th February

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

During the closing dinner we will

  • hear the speech of the Spanish tourism ministry 
  • announce  the new ExBo
  • announce the next convention host country
  • interview the in person attendees
  • chat in breakoutrooms about memories of former conventions
  • have fun together 

What can you expect?

Interested in joining us virtually?

For those attending virtually you can join us for the welcoming and closing sessions, as well as the option to join our Educational Day and Professional Day. Wondering who will be host to the 2024 WFTGA Convention? You can join us virtually to view their final presentations to the WFTGA Audience, with the announcement taking place during the closing ceremony.

Interested in joining us in person?

For those choosing to attend in person, you will of course be able to join all the days, including the Educational Day, Experiential Day, and Professional Day, as well as the Welcome and closing dinner. It will be a great opportunity to engage with some of our members and colleagues in person following a 3-year hiatus since our last Convention held in 2019 in Tbilisi.


Social networking concept 7

The in person event will have plenty of opportunities to network and meet with colleagues. (adhering to Spanish health protocols and regulations)

Guided tours

We are collaborating with our Affiliate member, Guiding-Group and will be using their latest technology while we explore the city of Madrid.



We are working on a few exciting workshops to bring to you during our Hybrid sessions.

Excursions and food

Typical spanish tapas concept.

The Ministry of Industry, commerce and tourism are sponsoring us for our Experiential Day out in Madrid. Lets explore this historical city.

Guest Speakers

choosing good employee leader. Man choose and take wooden cube.

We have an extremely interesting lineup of Guest speakers and Presenters during our Educational and Professional days.

Closing event

Girls dancing and having fun

Our closing event is sure to be one for the history books! With special announcements, guest speaker, entertainment and stunning venue. 

Join us virtually for the first hour. 

Memories from our previous Conventions and Virtual Members events

2019 – Tbilisi, Georgia| 2017 – Tehran, Iran | 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic | 2013 – Macau, SAR China | 2011 – Tallinn, Estonia | 2009 – Bali, Indonesia | 2007 – Cairo, Egypt | 2005 – Melbourne, Austrailia | 2003 – Dunblane, Scotland | 2001 – Nicosia, Cyprus | 1999 – Hong Kong, China | 1997 – Montréal, Canada | 1995 – Singapore, Singapore | 1993 – Pretoria, South Africa | 1991 – Tampere, Finland | 1989 – Nicosia, Cyprus | 1987 – Vienna, Austria | 1985 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Check the Schedule

*  Times given are CET/Spain, Madrid

Saturday - 5th Feb.

Arrival Day
Delegates arrival for the in-person events
Registrations open 09:00am 06th Feb.


  • Airport transfers
  • Meals

in person

Sunday - 6th Feb.

Arrival Day
General Assembly – part 1

11:00am start time*

Officially appointed Delegates only

Pre-registration compulsory


Arrival of participants and accompanying persons for the in-person events

Monday - 7th Feb.

Day 1 - Educational Day
Participants and Delegates

11:00am start time*
  • Opening session
  • Guest speakers
  • Presentations

Remember to register for the sessions.


2024 Bidding country presentations


Tuesday - 8th Feb.

Day 2 - Experiential Day
In person only
Full day tour of Madrid city


Experience the tour with the local Tourist Guides.

Sponsored by the the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism – Spain

Wednesday - 9th Feb.

Day 3 - Operational Day
In person and virtual – by invitation only
10:00am start time

Workshop for participants (in person only)

City excursion 

Training Division meetings

10:00am start time


General Assembly – part 2

3:00pm start time

Officially appointed Delegates only

Pre-registration compulsory


Thursday - 10th Feb.

Day 4 - Professional Day
Delegates and participants
11:00am start time

Interested in hearing from the Professionals and leaders in the industry? 

Join us for this day of high profile and informative Speakers.


Closing session with guest speaker, WFTGA announcements

7:30pm – 8:30pm


Closing dinner – In person only


Friday to Sunday
11th to 13th Feb.

Post Tour

Depart Host Hotel the morning of the 11th.

Returning mid-day 13th with drop off at the Madrid Airport.

Depart hotel on Friday after breakfast and head to the old city of Segovia with a local tourist guide. Visit to the roman Aqueduct followed by a visit to Alcázar. Lunch at leisure.
Head to the medieval town of Toledo, home for 2 nights. Dinner included at a local restaurant.

Saturday we will enjoy a walking tour of Toledo with a local tourist guide. Lunch is included as well as a few unique and special experiences in the town of Toledo. Dinner at leisure.

Sunday departure from Toledo to the Madrid international airport.

Region of Madrid Tourist Board

Representatives from the Tourist Board

Marco Valente

ICCIRA Vice Chairperson

ICCIRA: Archeology and Tourism Case Study – Cultural and Environmental Enhancement of Sites of Heritage Interest in Alentejo and Morocco


Erik Wolf

Executive Director and Founder – World Food Travel Association

Using culinary tourism in driving recovery in our destinations


Christo Brand

Nelson Mandela and Christo Brand: the prisoner who became president and the prison guard who became his friend

Guest Speakers

We have put dynamic and interesting guest speakers together. 

Adolfo Reyes

Welcome address

Adolfo Reyes, Head of Membership and Associations from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) will open our Professional Day.

David Noack Perez

How to drive and ensure Legacy

Join David Noack Perez from the Madrid Convention Bureau and Lesley Williams, Managing Director at the Best Cities Global Alliance as they present a case on Associations and members working closely with destinations and partners to ensure Legacy.

Monica Figuerola

Working with partners – a success story

Our colleagues from CEFAPIT, Juan Ignacio will introduce their partner Monica Figuerola, Head of International Business Development. Monica will discuss the interesting agreement that has formed between the Tourist Guide Association and the Hospitality program of the Hospital Quiron for visitors to Spain.

Tara Todras-Whitehill

Ethical Storytelling

Tara Todras-Whitehill will continue with a second part to her presentation from the Educational Day. Be sure to join to catch her tips and thought provoking content. 

Janice Sousa

How you can leverage e-commerce tools like Shopify to start your own business

Janice has 15+ years as a Tour Operator & Guide. She recently launched Indie, a software built to help small operators and Guides launch their own business. Work for yourself leading the tours you have always led and rebuild your business with more control over your margin and distribution.

Chantal Cooke

Chantal Cooke is an award-winning environmental journalist and broadcaster – turned PR guru. Chantal is on the Board for WFTA where her particular focus is on sustainability and planet-friendly food.

Dragan Kovacevic

How to create an impactful online presence and stand out from the competition

The global pandemic changed the game. It negatively affected many industries and even left many without work. Only the ones willing to adapt and find their spot in the online world continue to grow and find their ways to succeed.
With limited resources, only a smart Internet marketing strategy can make you competitive.

Ulrich Berger

With a vast amount of experience Ulrich will share his views on moving forward post pandemic and explore some new technology options available to tourist guides. Ulrich joins as as a follow up from our Virtual conference held in early 2021. 


NOTE: accommodation is EXCLUDED
WFTGA promotional code may be used when making reservation to secure a preferential rate.

FREE - Virtual

  • The Official Welcome
  • Day 1 / Educational Day (3 hours)
  • The Official closing (1 hour)

0,- €

PAID - Virtual

  • Day 4 / Professional Day (3 hours)

60,00 €


  • General Assembly Part 1 & Part 2

0,- €


7th to 10th Feb.

  • The Official Welcome
  • Day 1 / Educational Day (3 hours)
  • Day 4 / Professional Day (3 hours)
  • The Official closing (1 hour)

410,- €

deadline for registration January 31

POST TOUR - In Person

11th to 13th Feb.

Join us as we explore the medieval towns of Spain.

2 nights / 2,5 days

250,- €

deadline for registration January 31


5th to 10th Feb.

  • Delegates Welcome dinner
  • The Official Welcome
  • Day 1 – Educational day
  • Day 2 – Experiential day
  • Day 3 – Operational day
  • Day 4 – Professional day
  • The Official closing and dinner
  • General Assembly Part 1 & Part 2

460,- €

deadline for registration January 31

In Person in Madrid

Venue / Hotel

Our Host hotel is centrally located to public transport, tourist sites, many restaurants, and stores. We will be only steps away from Grand Via, Madrids most famous street.

More information on our host hotel.

WFTGA participants receive a special rate when reserving their accommodation. Book directly with the hotel using the Promotional code: WFTGA2022

It is important to note that you need to make your accommodation arrangements directly with the hotel on the link provided. The Host hotel is surrounded by many alternative accommodation options should you prefer a different hotel, contact them directly.  

Rates (including breakfast): 

80 euro single room / 95 euro double room / 125 euro triple room

Please, make sure, your travel documents are valid in accordance with the current rules for your country.

In the registration form you can apply a visa support letter. 

Arriving into Spain requires the completion of an online Health form. Remember to complete this before your arrival.

Thanks to the high vaccination rates across Spain and Madrid (around 80% of the population have now been fully vaccinated), and a significant drop in the infection rates, a sense of normality finally started returning to the city in October 2021. 

Since 20 September, all restaurants, cafés and night clubs may now open as late as their licenses allow, and shopping malls, markets, shops cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries no longer have to apply capacity limits.